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Founded in 2018, The Greeen House has become a leading retailer of high-end hemp derived health products that eliminate inflammation, promote sleep, reduce stress, and promote a general well-being. 


The Greeen House has a unique, highly customer-focused business model that provides consultative sales to health-conscious individuals, primarily in the middle to upper socio-economic classes. 


The Greeen House does business online, and through retail stores located in areas frequented by its target customer audience. Their real estate model targets high traffic areas in residential areas such as Key largo and Marathon, as well as mega high traffic areas such as Old Town Key West.


In the past year, The Greeen House has expanded from it’s first store in Key Largo, FL to a current total of 7 stores in Key Largo, Marathon, Naples, Marco Island and 3 stores in Key West. 


The Greeen House’s overall business is managed in compliance with a continuous learning, continuous improvement discipline, which serves to ensure the company operates in a highly responsive, lean manner that will continue to consistently outperform its competition for the long term.

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